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Sales Tips 102

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Sales Tips 102

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Sales Tips 102

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Sales Tips 102

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Sales Tips 102

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Sales Tips 102

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Wrap Up

As you have seen and demonstrated over the past few hours that add-on sales really are not that hard to accomplish. Great sales reps do a lot of little things very well and add-selling is one of those things. It makes the customers happy and it will make you as a sale rep more effective, valuable, successful and wealthier.


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Sales Tips 102

Introductions Home

I want to welcome you to this Sales Training mobile learning course. My name is Mark Fazioli and I will be introducing you to some advanced sales tips to increase your earnings as well as your value. Let me tell you about myself

Academic Background:

*Ph.D. in Education – Instructional Design for Online Learning. Capella University, Minneapolis, MN
*MS – Instructional Technology. Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, CT

Teaching Philosophy:

Learning is life-long, and every student approaches the learning experience from her or his own angle, framed from unique experiences aligned with individual goals and objectives. I use this richness and diversity to fashion my courses, as I believe that the learners’ contributions are critical to their success.

I also believe wholeheartedly in constant communication with my students through the use of engaging instructional strategies and methods in order to address the diversity of learners in order to motivate by making these personalized connections, results in increased learning, which is my goal as an educator.

Dr. Fazioli

Sales Tips 102

User Satisfaction
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Sales Tips 102

Objectives Home

At the end of this module, participants will be able to:

1) Describe the four step process to add-on-selling.
2) Understand and apply the process of cross-selling.
3) Describe and implement the four-step process of the up- sell.
4) Implement the process of converting inquires into sales.

Sales Tips 102

The Four Step System Home

Add=On Selling

The Four Step System refers to the process of breaking down parts of the selling process into key components.

Mastering each part of the process in order to create a system. Here’s a closer look at each of the components:

1) Take the Initial Request This could be handling the original order, request or dealing with a complaint. Probe for add-on opportunities. Gauge the customer’s reaction for additional items. Don’t hit them too hard with it. Timing is every thing. Wait till the end of the call before you hit them with your add-on.

2) Bridge to the Add-On The phrase introduces the add-on; it bridges the gap between the initial customer request and your attempt to add on.

“Ms. Jones while I have you”
“Oh, by the way, did you know”
“Mr. Allen, I would like to take a moment to”

3) Present the Add-On and the Benefit This step in the add-on system consists of two components.

A) An explanation of the add-on, and,
B) the benefits of taking advantage of the add-on.

Most reps can easily explain the add-on. The second part, the benefit seems to be a stumbling block for most reps. One of the biggest mistakes made by any rep is the failure to concisely lay out the benefit. Some sales reps don’t know how, but even the ones that do are often guilty of assuming their customer clearly understands what the benefit is in it for them.

4) The Close Believe it or not if providing the customer with the benefit is difficult then asking for the sale or asking for permission or some sort of action ranks second. You as the sales rep need to ask for the add-on sale in one of two ways.

1) The Direct Close- is a straight forward approach.

“Would you like me to add that to your order?”
*Many sales reps argue that the problem with a direct close is that while it is clear and to the point, it does set you up to an easy NO. Many sales reps perceive it as too pushy.

2) The Assumptive Close- assumes a sale has been made. It does not ask for a major purchase decision, but asks for a major administrative decision.

“I can add that to your order right now.”
*After your type of phrase has been provided to the customer you must SHUT UP and let the customer ponder and determine if it is a GO or a NO GO.

Sales Tips 102

Resistance, And
What To Do
About It Home


The benefits of add-on selling are profitable, but resistance to this concept is common. Let’s take a look at the four major reasons why sales and customer service reps tend not to implement an add-on selling approach.

Reason 1:

A) They don’t like aggressive add- on selling.

Customers don’t mind the add-on sell itself, but the manner in which it is delivered. The number one complaint with customers is the fact that reps just won’t quit. Remember that the add-on is just an easy mention of a special offer or suggestion. If the customer says no just get over it and move on.
B) They don’t like unprofessional attempts to pitch products.
A slow non motivated attempt at an add-on is just as annoying as the aggressive attempt. Customers can tell when reps are simply going though the motions by making a lifeless attempt.
C) They don’t like unrelated items.
Customers don’t like an add-on if they don’t understand the nature of the add-on.

Reason 2:

The Reps Don’t Like it
1) Believe that add on sales will jeopardize the sales because they might come on to strong.
2) There are reps that feel that they have done enough; the sale has been and on to the next one. Why spend more time on piddly little ones.


It stands for “every call has opportunity.” There is no real reason not to implement some sort of add-on selling other than a lack of desire.

Sales Tips 102

Add-On Selling Assessment Home

Please complete the self-assesment below. Your results will be emailed to the instructor.

Sales Tips 102

The Cross Sell Home

The Cross-Sell

A cross-sell is the process of adding on and selling a related (or sometime non-related) item to complement the original purchase. Remember its main purpose is to generate additional revenue.

Why do people and companies not buy more from you or your company?

Reason 1: They don’t know what more you have to offer.
*The rep has not educated them on what’s available, or what might complement the purchase or campaign.
*You need to be the customer’s advisor, teacher...whatever by pointing out items you have to offer them. Often you will hear a surprised sigh “Gee I didn’t know you offered that.”

Most customers want to know what you have!
In various surveys conducted nationwide by major companies, 82% of their customers wanted to know the latest offer or something that would be of some interest.

Reason 2: You Don’t Ask!
*It is good for you. You sell more, you make more. You become more valuable to yourself and to your company.
*It is good for the customer. Remember 82% of all customers want to be told of related items particularly if it means savings.

What's the worst thing the customer can say? NO!

Sales Tips 102

The Four-Step Selling
System to Presenting
the Cross-Sell Home

Step 1: Take the original order and all the key information.
Capture all the information and data needed to fill the order then move on to the cross-sell.

Tips on Taking The Original Order
Compliment the customer on the original purchase
“Oh Mr. Brown, that’s a great choice, you will really enjoy that.”
“Everyone has been raving about it.”
“We get lots of feedback from satisfied customers”

Compliment but compliment sincerely.
Most customers can’t help but feel good and positive when they hear one from a sales rep who is sincere. Remember, the customer will know if the rep is pandering and false. If the complimentary comment can not be said with the utmost sincerity, don’t bother.

Step 2: Bridge to the Cross-Sell
The bridge announces the transition from the initial sale to the cross sell.
“Oh Mr. Brown, that’s a great choice, upgrading to our digital service. By the way since you mentioned you like movies, let me explain our premium movie packages with premium on demand.”

The first thing is use to the customer’s name. When you use the customer’s name they tend to listen. It shows that YOU listen as well. It will create a sense of rapport. Most people are more apt to consider purchasing your offer if there is a sense of rapport.

Step 3: Present the Cross-Sell and the Benefits
In cross-selling you do not want to spend a lot of time “selling.” Timing is an important commodity for both you and your customers.

“Cut to the Chase!”

“Oh Mr. Brown, thank you for your order. Your HD DVR is scheduled for Tuesday, November 30th between 12:00 and 2:00.”
“Incidentally, we have a special currently on our HD Pak. We are offering 30 days at no charge, then additional $6.00 per month.”
“Can I add that to your order?”

These are nothing more than phrases to embed them into the customer’s memory. Adding a benefit to these products does help to improve your odds of adding a additional sale.

Step 4: The Close
The close is important. The close completes the cross-sell “circle” by getting the customer to take action by making some sort of decision.
Once you have offered the cross- sell and closed your next step should be to “SHUT-UP!”
Let the customer mull over the offer and make his or her mind up.
Don’t clutter the moment with additional chatter.

Cross-selling should be a regular part of your selling process. It is a way to increase sales and increase customer service.

Sales Tips 102

Cross Selling Assessment Home

Please complete the self-assesment below. Your results will be emailed to the instructor.

Sales Tips 102

The Up Sell Home

The Up Sell

An up-sell is the process of increasing the value of a sale by adding on more of a given quantity of the product.
e.g. Add all Premiums/POD

Another form of the up-sell is to upgrade the quality of the product.
e.g. Digital Box to DVR Box

Sales Tips 102

The Four-Steps System to
Presenting the Up-Sell Home

If you learn to effectively manage and use the system you will be successful in sales.

Step 1: Take the original order and All the Key Information.
Step 2: Bridge to the Up-Sell
Step 3: Present the Up-Sell and the Feature/Benefit.

At this point, you should have gotten the caller’s attention, so now it is time to present your up-sell. Actually, the up-sell is interesting because it can be divided into two categories.

Quantity Up-Sell Discounted
The quantity up-sell increases the volume of a purchase. This could be a campaign (Tele-marketing).

Quantity Up-Sell Not Discounted
Not all products lend themselves to being discounted for one reason or another. However, you should still attempt an up-sell using a benefit.

Quality Up-Sell
Increasing the value of a customer’s purchase by upgrading the quality means better features/benefits for the customer and more money for you.

Tips for the Quality Up-Sell

In close to the up-sell it is a great way to increase dollars for your company as well as for you!

Sales Tips 102

Up Selling Assessment Home

Please complete the self-assesment below. Your results will be emailed to the instructor.

Sales Tips 102

Guide to online learning Home

To get started on online learning take a look at the websites below to get acclamated with best online learning practices.


Gatlin, S. (2012). How to succeed as an online student. Retrieved from

Nash, S.N. (2012). How to prepare for your first online course. Retrieved from

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Sales Tips 102

Converting Inquiries into Sales Home

Converting Inquiries

What if you could close 30% of all inquires you receive?

Two Steps to Converting Inquiries

Step 1: Handle the Initial Inquiry
This step is completely the same as in cross-selling and up-selling. You want to always handle the inquiry first. This involves providing the customer with the information they want up front. So, if you understand this step then the second step is a piece of cake.

Step 2: Go For the Gold Ask the customer if they want to schedule it. Pull up the dates and schedule a truck if one is needed or just put in all the information to process a no truck order and lock in that sale. There is no “bridge” involved this time. Just go for the gold.

“Can I schedule that for you?”
“Shall I put that on your account?"

Five Ways To Help The Inquirer buy Now

1) Beef up the close with benefits.
2) Use your voice to convey the real message.
3) Create a sense of urgency.
4) Position the product with a sense of value-Positioning the product means providing a remark or two that makes the potential buyer feel the product is a good deal. People in general like to know that they are locked into something popular. It’s called “acceptance” and “approval” which is a key element.
5) How to make the call more profitable-Add an add-on! -This is where it turns great! Once you have asked for the sale and the customer says “yes” you now have sale. Usually at this point the customer is in a receptive state of mind for suggestions which cross- selling can help your bottom line.

Sales Tips 102

Converting inquires into Sales Assessment Home

Please complete the self-assesment below. Your results will be emailed to the instructor.

Sales Tips 102

Technical Support Home

If you have questions about the course content or have technical difficulties with the course please complete the form below for assistance



Sales Tips 102

Additional Resources Home

Recommended resources for Add-On Selling

*What is Add-on Selling?


Shennu, B. (2012). E-How. What is Add-on Selling. Retrieved from

Sales Tips 102

Additional Resources Home

Recommended resources for Cross Selling

*Cross Selling from Wikipedia
*8 ideas for Cross selling success


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Sales Tips 102

Additional Resources Home

Recommended resources for Up-Selling

*Up Selling from Wikipedia
*How to up sell


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Sales Tips 102

Additional Resources Home

Recommended resources for Converting inquiries into Sales

*Effective Lead Management: Learn how to convert marketing leads into Sales Pipieline

*Why you're not converting your sales inquiries


In Touch. (2011, October 19). Intouch. Effective Lead management: Learn how to convert marketing leads into sales pipeline. Retrieved from

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Sales Tips 102

Course Requirements Home

Course Information

Sales Tips 102

Course Objective Home

After reading about the course contents on selling strategies, students will be able to differentiate between the four types of sales strategies with 100% accuracy.

Competency required to undertake this course is 90-days of employment, initial sales training through in-service classroom instruction, and satisfactory employment standing.

Sales Tips 102

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