"There's more to Poison than makeup and hair," says Rikki, who believes the key to success is "Playing honestly, right from the heart".

"Alot of bands look for a reason to quit. We look for a reason to keep going".

"It takes a real man to wear make-up"

"It wasn't horrible before we made it", says Rikki. "We had days when we starved, but it was fun hustling girls to buy you dinner".

AKA~~ The "glitterpunkdrumminvegan"

"My Mac G4 eats pentiums for breakfast!"

Rikki is known as the artsy one in the band

"It's so wierd. Before I was a star, nobody cared what I thought about anything. Ever since Every Rose...people ask me about how to raise kids, fix cars, plumbimg, you name it!"

"I hate being sick on the road. Your chick isn't there to help you. Yukkk."

"Road life affects everyone, I remember just stitting around with Bret at 5:00 in the morning, working on songs, and watching the sun come up. Basically, we were so tired from recording stuff all night and half of the next day, a lot of times we'd think.. Oh My God we've got to play tonight!"

"I think people are instantly attracted to an image that's lavish and colossal, so we work hard to create a spectacle, to be entertaining."

"We'll probably look back at ourselves in three years and laugh. But that's the fun of fashion. You may as well have fun with it for the moment, cause it's fleeting. And if we looked like the boys next door, what would be so exciting?"

"Being in a rock band is a limelight job. If you don't want to be in it, you should stay in the studio."

"Everyone is in that party mood when you come into their town."

"I would like to sleep so you can see a good show"

"I think I'm definetly a man of the 80's because I read about it in Cosmopolitain. I'm sensitive yet rugged."

"People are realizing that we have alot more to offer than our looks."

"Censors may pick the music apart, but we're out there singing and enjoying ourselves. That's what's important."

There are alot of things in life I'm going to do that I'm going to regret, but that's better than regretting alot of things I'm never going to do."

"I'm an avid horror fan"

"You really have to love what you're doing and be willing to suffer for it."

"I had a great childhood. I wasn't one of these kids that suffered. I was different. I wasn't a jock, I wasn't a genius. I loved horror movies. Most kids had Wilt Chamberlain on the walls, I had Bela Lugosi. I always loved theatrical stuff."

"It's those raw moments that make a rock n'roll band. You can't just sit down and create it. You have to live through emotions and experiences."

"I like girls that take care of themselves"

"When you're in a rock band you're automatically an outcast."